Kizomba is a great dance to start learning. Regardless if you have never danced before, or come from another dance style, you will be able to get straight into the basics of this great dance. Group classes are a great way to learn, as well as meet new people.

Group Classes

We run classes at two different locations in the city. 


Every Wednesday night we have casual classes upstairs at the Reyes Lounge on King Street, Starting with a FREE introduction class at 7 pm. This is unique in that we dont run a term structure, so you can start whenever you like and we are also perfect for shift workers, FIIFO workers and anyone who is unable to commit to a regular night.

Friday evening we have our more formal classes at Bailar Studio on Wellington st in the east end. This is a perfect environment for improving the more technical aspects of the dance, with mirrors and wooden flooring.

Private Lessons

While group classes are a great way to learn, you will will always get a lot more out of one on one lessons. This can be a great way if you want to fast track your learning, polish off something from class or maybe if you are looking to put together a choreography for a special event.  

Best of all we can cater to and individual, couple or a small corporate group. Either way it will be personally tailored to your needs and you will get that extra attention required to progress your dance.


Michael Hayter


Director and founder, Michael Hayter (aka DJ Careca) is a passionate Kizomba dancer and DJ, Michael is also the founder and head organiser of the AWAKE festival, Australia's and Asia's biggest annual Kizomba festival, held each year right here in Perth.

Michael began his Kizomba journey in early 2014 and has been hooked ever since. Not only a dancer, Michael has also become a regular DJ at many Kizomba festivals, as well as local parties and events.

Having danced overseas and being taught by some of the best instructors in the world, Michael looks forward to sharing his passion for Kizomba with you.

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Upstairs at the Aberdeen Hotel, 90 Aberdeen St Northbridge | Tel Michael: 0422 616 979