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"Me and Pari just wanted to share our positive experience with Michael and the team.
We are enjoying it because instructors are very friendly, knowledgeable and good at communicating with all students and ensuring questions are answered.

They show a great concern for the individual's and give us a great amount of encouragement. 
Steps are very nice, practical and are thought at a very good pace. It is also in a relaxing and friendly environment.

Vida Kizomba classes and its social dancing has been very effective for us and therefore we would definitely be interested in attending more and recommend it to everyone"

- Archie, June 2019

"Love every class i have Michael. I have improved so much not only my techniques but also enjoyed my dance connection & flow.


The teachers are amazing passionate in sharing their knowledge & care for their students progress!! The team has met every of my expectations in dancing"

- Eva, May 2018

"Whether you are just curious about Kizomba or looking to get your weekly fix of this amazing dance come and sample Michael and his classes! On a Monday night in Perth I challenge you to find more fun!


Centrally located and with exceptional international teachers Hannah & Michael, you will soon find yourself hooked and moving smoothly across the dance floor with your partner in raptures! Make friends, gain a new skill and discover a passion that will last you a lifetime!"

- Paula, December 2017

"Only halfway through the class and as someone who has never completed any formal dance instruction let alone Kizomba, Michael makes for a very entertaining but also experienced and educative instructor.

He not only breaks down every move into simple easy to follow detail but also give you the history and story behind Kizomba itself. Last but not least very warm and approachable instructors with a sense of humor that keeps everyone laughing and makes you quickly forget any nerves you had coming in. Not much of a reviewer normally but cant help but recommend their class to any dancer whether beginner or advanced!"

- Peter, September 2017

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Upstairs at the Aberdeen Hotel, 90 Aberdeen St Northbridge

contact@kizombadadanceschool.com.au | Tel Michael: 0422 616 979